FLIR ThermaCam PM-695/675 Infrared Camera

SPI buys used thermal infrared imaging flir cameras, we offer trade ins and provid used, demo reconditioned, refurbished LWIR uncooled
MWIR cooled thermal IR imagers.

FLIR ThermaCam PM-695/675 Infrared Camera

FLIR Systems Inc is the world leader in infrared camera technology. The FLIR ThermaCam PM-695 infrared cameras built the FLIR Empire. Featuring high resolution thermal, integrated visible camera, extremely robust construction and ultra high temperature measurement capability. Explore IR with this rare opportunity to save big on a top of the line camera.
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Condition of FLIR ThermaCAM PM-695/675 Infrared Camera

This FLIR ThermaCam PM695/675 is a prime example of the legendary FLIR infrared cameras. The 695/675 is a venerable thermal imaging instrument that is equally at home on a lab table or scanning the factory floor. Super rugged construction protects this finely tuned imaging system. They just don’t build them like this anymore. Not only is this a robust device it also has features and performance that surpass most of the cheap plastic cameras available today. The PM 695/675 sold for over $50,000 brand new. Now you have a chance to own a spectacular imaging system for a very tiny fraction of the original price. You always wanted one, now you can have one. This 695/675 is loaded with all the goodies. This is a rare model upgraded to ultra high temperature and is able to take radiometric measurements up to an astounding 1,500° C (2732° F)! Try to find a new camera that can do that. This one also comes with 4 FLIR rechargeable batteries and the 4 bay battery charger. Included as well is the optional FLIR LCD screen and the original hard shell case and operators manual. The imaging performance is absolutely flawless in this 695/675 and all buttons and functions work perfectly. There is some minor cosmetic wear on the housing that would be typical for a 695/675 of this vintage. This is an rare opportunity to score big on a low cost 695/675 infrared camera that performs like new. Call us today.

A Demonstration of the FLIR ThermaCam PM-695/675 Infrared Camera

The PM 695/675 ThermaCam is a true workhorse of an Infrared Camera

Thermal scan of a circuit board chip in rainbow thermal color.
Breast thermography done with the PM-695 infrared camera
Tank level detection with an infrared cameras
Thermal scan of an industrial breaker.
Thermal scan of the ceiling reveals hidden moisture damage.

What’s Included In This Kit

LCD screen is included in this 695 kit!

The LCD screen is included in this 695 kit!

  • PM695/675 FLIR 320×240 thermal camera
  • Integrated CCD video camera
  • Optional LCD screen
  • Optional super high temperature measurement up to 2000 C
  • Hand Strap
  • 4 rechargeable batteries
  • 4 bay battery charger
  • AC Power Supply
  • PCMCIA memory card
  • Video output cable
  • Users manual
  • Hard shell carrying case
The Thermacam 695 infrared camera kit comes with an LCD screen

The Thermacam 695 infrared camera kit comes with an LCD screen

FLIR PM-695 Infrared Camera Product Specifications

Detector Focal plane array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer 320 X 240 pixels
Spectral Range 7.5 to 13 µm
Field of view/minimum focus distance 24° x 18°/ 0.3 m
Image frequency 50/60 Hz non-interlaced
Thermal sensitivity 0.08 °C at 30 °C
Spatial Resolution (IFOV) 1.3 mrad
Electronic Zoom 1 – 4 times continuous
Focusing Automatic or manual
Visible Camera Built-in digital visual 640 x 480
Video output RS 170 EIA/NTSC or CCIR/PAL composite video and S-video
Viewfinder Built-in, high-resolution LCD (TFT), Optional LCD panel
Temperature range -40 °C to +120 °C (-40 °F to +248 °F) Range 1 0 °C to +500 °C (+32 °F to +932 °F) Range 2
Optional temperature ranges up to +1500 °C (2732 °F)
Measurement modes Spot (up to 5), area (up to 5), isotherm, line profile, Delta T
Accuracy +/- 2 °C, +/- 2%
Automatic emissivity correction Variable from 0.1 to 1.0 or select from listings in predefined materials list
Atmospheric transmission correction Automatic, based on inputs for distance, atmospheric temperature and relative humidity
Optics transmission correction Automatic, based on signals form internal sensors
Image Storage Type High capacity PC-Card, ATA compatible (160 MB min)
File format – thermal 14-bit radiometric IR digital Image (IMG) including header with all relevant radiometric data. 8-bit
File Format – thermal 2 8-bit standard bitmap (BMP), image only or image with screen graphics. Every image stored in both formats
File format – visual Standard bitmap (BMP); visual image(s) linked with corresponding thermal image(s)
Voice annotation of images Up to 30 seconds of digital voice “clip” stored together with the image
Text annotation of images Predefined and field-editable text selected and stored together with image. Up to 12 text fields/image
Lens Options Field of view/minimum focus – 7° x 5.3°/4 m – 12° X 9°/1.2 m – 45° x 34°/ 0.1 m – 80° x 60°/0.1 m
Close Focus Lens Options 200 micron close-up ( 64 mm X 48 mm/150 mm) – 100 micron close-up (34 mm x 25 mm/80 mm) – 50 micron
Internal, rechargeable battery type
Nickel metal hydride (NiMH)
Operating time 2 hours
Power management Battery low indicated in viewfinder Automatic power down
AC adapter included
Charging system 4 bay intelligent charger 110/220V AC 50/60 Hz
Charging time 1 hour
Humidity Operating and storage, 10% to 95%, non-condensing
Operating temperature range -15 °C to 50 °C (5 °F to 122 °F)
Storage temperature range -40 °C to +70 °C (-40 °F to 158 °F)
Encapsulation IP 54 IEC 529 (metal casing)
Shock Operational: 25 G, IEC 68-2-29
Vibration Operational: 2 G, IEC 68-2-6
Tripod mounting ¼” – 20
Size 220 mm x 133 mm 140 mm (8.7″ X 5.2″ X 5.5″)
Weight 1.9 kg (4.4 lbs.), excluding battery
Multi function connector External power, S-VHS output, RS 232 remote control
Video output connector Composite external video output
Headset connector For voice annotation of images
User interface 4 buttons and joystick for direct access functions and menu control
IMAGING PERFORMANCE Excellent massive 320×240 sensor for HD thermal imaging
IMAGE QUALITY Excellent performs as good as new
EXTERIOR HOUSING GOOD Shows signs of wear and a few scratches. All cosmetic and none
indicative of any internal damage.
BUTTONS AND RUBBER PIECES Excellent almost no wear
LENS Excellent perfect condition optics
CAMERA FUNCTIONS Excellent All camera functions and menus are working
BATTERIES Excellent Batteries hold a charge
EYEPIECE / LCD SCREEN Excellent LCD screen is sharp. Eyepiece is free of defect
STARTUP TIME Excellent Starts up within specification
OVERALL CONDITION Excellent A True Value
  • PCB analysis through the PM-695 infrared camera

  • fingerprint FORENSICS through PM-695 infrared camera

“Sierra Pacific Innovations is in no way related to, or affiliated with, FLIR Systems, Inc., nor is Sierra Pacific an authorized distributor of FLIR Systems, Inc. Thermography Systems. SPI is an authorized distributor for FLIR Systems Inc. Government Systems.”


SPI buys used thermal infrared imaging flir cameras, we offer trade ins and provid used, demo reconditioned, refurbished LWIR uncooled
MWIR cooled thermal IR imagers.