X35 FLIR thermal rifle scope

X35 long range thermal rifle scope

Get ready for the next generation thermal scope for the modern warfighter. This is the X35 sniper long range thermal rifle scope, and it’s breakthrough wireless interface coupled with the FLIR TAU 2 core are taking thermal imaging scopes to a new level of combat operability for 24/7 visual capability and maximum situational awareness.
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The X35 FLIR Rifle Scope represents the latest in thermal scopes utilizing both the FLIR TAU 2 core and a modern wireless interface, taking battlefield operations to the next level with Bluetooth technology. This ruggedized thermal scope is waterproof up to 2 hours in 20 meters of water and strong enough to withstand the rigorous recoil of a .50 BMG. So whatever application you have in mind — military or civilian — this scope can handle it.

About the X35 FLIR Thermal Rifle Scope

X35 FLIR thermal rifle scope white hot polarity option

The X35 offers multiple color palette options. White hot polarity is shown here.

Maximum Versatility

The X35 FLIR thermal rifle scope makes thermal imaging fully customizable to enhance your situational awareness with onscreen and internal details to facilitate your operation. Color palettes include white or black hot polarity, sepia, or other custom variants you can configure to your preference. The handy battery status indicator lets you know just how much juice you’ve got left, in addition, the dual battery option allows you to use either four 3.0VDC 123A or four .5VDC AA, giving you flexibility. In emergency situations, you can power the scope with one 3.0VDC 123A for about an hour. That in itself is an extremely valuable feature!

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Improved Performance Options

X35 FLIR thermal rifle scope has easy onscreen features

The X35 FLIR thermal rifle scope has easy onscreen features that give you better overall situational awareness and control over your target acquisition.

The X35 offers features that improve operator performance by making everything simple from the onset. The OLED display is a generous 800×600 pixels, letting you see targets & menu options clearly. The buttons on the scope are easy to locate & press (even when wearing operator gloves), and the wireless remote buttons are simple to navigate as well, so you won’t have to move your eyes from your target or your hand from the rifle. Bluetooth® integrated technology also offers easy interface with most smartphones, opening the system up to a wide array of applications & future system enhancements. The X35 can also be configured with ballistic drop reticules and an electronic compass/inclinometer for better target orientation & situational awareness in the battlefield or from your hunting spot.

x35 FLIR rifle scope on rifle

The X35 FLIR scope is customizable, with 30mm, 50mm, 100mm Germanium lenses available

X35 FLIR Thermal Rifle Scope System Features

  • 24/7 thermal imaging in inclement conditions, including fog, dust & smoke
  • MIL-STD-810 compliant build, waterproof/shock resistant
  • Can operate with either AA or 123A batteries
  • Quick release throw lever mount (MIL-STD-1913)
  • Military grade 30mm, 50mm, 100mm Germanium lenses available
  • Internal digital compass & inclinometer
  • User selectable reticles & color palettes
  • 5 button wireless remote

x35 FLIR rifle scope mounted on a hunting rifle

x35_ FLIR thermal rifle scope with TMSLS laser rail system

x35 FLIR thermal scope

Black hot polarity thermal image

X35 FLIR Thermal Rifle Scope System Specifications

Lens Type Military grade Germanium (30mm, 50mm, 100mm available)
Magnification 4x-32x (depending on configuration)
FPA 640×512 17 μm FLIR TAU 2
Display AMOLED SVGA 060
Battery Type
123A 3.0VDC or AA 1.5VDC (4 each) (Optional Extended Battery Pack with rechargeable batteries – up to 8 hours)
External Power
6 VDC/ 1А external power source
Dimensions 10.4″x3.5″x3.9″
Weight 2.9lbs

X35 FLIR thermal rifle scope

Night time surveillance mission

Night time surveillance mission


Detect combatants before they detect you

Detect combatants before they detect you


National security

National security


x35 FLIR scope for hunting