IR-D15 Thermal Imaging Border Security Camera

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IR-D15 Thermal Imaging Border Security Camera

The D-15 thermal infrared camera is the ideal low cost solution for security, display and laboratory analysis applications. This is a once in a lifetime limited supply opportunity to own a low cost infrared camera.
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The IR-D15 Thermal Imaging Border Security Cameras from SPI CORP are a rugged no-nonsense solution to your thermal imaging needs. These low priced cameras are capable of detailed thermal imaging performance and center point temperature measure in a compact and versatile package. The IR-D15 is simple to hook up. Just plug the power into the wall or 12VDC car jack and plug the video out into a TV monitor. That’s it your ready to roll. For a limited time SPI is offering unbelievably low pricing on these units. But once they are all gone they are gone. Call today to reserve your low cost thermal infrared cameras.

Benefits of the IR D-15 Thermal Imaging Border Security Camera

  • “Plug and Play Ready” for easy system integration
  • Lowest cost infrared camera solution for easy acquisition
  • All the features you need in a small rugged package

IR-D-15 Thermal Imaging Border Security Camera Features

  • Enhanced image quality provides better target recognition and contrast for discerning objects of interest
  • Tripod mounted or handheld for versatile performance in security and laboratory settings
  • Operates on 12VDC from wall adapter or from vehicle cigarette lighter adapter
  • Digital zoom and polarity image control
  • Center point radiometric temperature measurement
  • Simple NTSC video output for maximum compatibility
  • Record live thermal video on the included SPI X-DVR module
The IR D-15 Infrared Camera on a tripod
Lockdown View of the IR D-15 Infrared Camera
Rear View of the IR D-15 Infrared Camera
The complete IR D-15 Infrared Camera Kit
The IR D-15 Infrared Camera shown with laptop interface

A thermal image of a motorcycle theft
A thermal image at night time

IR D-15 Infrared Camera Product Specifications

System Type: Focal Plane Array
Spectral Range: Long Wave
Detector: 160 x 120
Detector Material: Microbolometer
Measurement Accuracy: Center Point temperature readout
Field View: 50 Degrees
Cooling: Uncooled TE
Spatial Resolution: Lens Dependent
Thermal Sensitivity: Detector Refresh Rate: 30 Hz
Dynamic Range: 8 Bit
Emissivity Adjustment: N/A
Palettes: B&W
Display Type: Video Out
Image Storage Capacity: Video Capture SPI XDVR
Storage Medium: Digital Storage or Video on FLASH CARD
Operating Temperature: -20 C to 50 C
Camera Weight: 2 Lbs.
Camera Size: 120mm x 60mm x 50mm
Focus Distance: 6 Inches to Infinity
Video Output: NTSC
Power Supply: Battery or AC
Functions: Zoom Digital, plarity
Available Accessories: Lenses, Digital Capture, Software, Batteries…