TMSLS laser rail system
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TMSLS Laser Rail System (Tactical Multi Sensor Laser System) – Laser Illuminator

The TMSLS laser rail system is a tactical multi sensor unit combining the power of a visible aiming laser, a near-infrared aiming laser, and a near-IR Illuminator that is able to be focused.
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About the TMSLS Laser Rail System

The TMSLS (Tactical Multi Sensor Laser System) is a a laser aiming device that provides the modern operator with decisive targeting ability with the naked eye & in low light conditions. The system also works in conjunction with intensified night vision systems in a night time environment. This near-IR laser illuminator features easy to use click stops for adjusting elevation and windage for fast, accurate target acquisition. This class IIIb laser rail system comes with three laser sighting components; a visible aiming laser, a near-IR aiming laser and a focusable near-IR illuminator, making it a triple threat to targets lingering in the dark.

Near-IR Focusable Laser

TMSLS tactical laser illuminator mounted on a rifle

TMSLS tactical laser illuminator mounted on a rifle

The system includes a near-IR laser illuminator, which can fine tuned with focus, to inundate a target area with near-infrared light invisible to the naked eye. It can be operated with one laser or several lasers working synchronously.


The TMSLS laser rail system can be operated in handheld mode or can be easily attached to your weapon’s Picatinny rail system with its integrated mount clips. The unit also features a MIL-STD-1913 rail affixed at the 10:00 position so the operator can easily attach a tactical flashlight for low light situations.


The TMSLS tactical laser illuminator system includes ballistic differential adjustment ports for sighting the laser in with your weapon system.

Safe Remote Controls

A remote switch assembly can be used to activate the laser sight. An optional safety cable can be outfitted to keep the remote switch & FIRE operable only in eye-safe conditions, making it completely safe for training environments.


The TMSLS tactical laser sight can be mounted on a rifle.

The TMSLS tactical laser sight can be mounted on a rifle. Shown here mounted on a Sig Sauer in conjunction with a thermal scope.

TMSLS Laser Rail System Specifications

Battery Type (One each) CR123A 3.0VDC Lithium
Battery Life >10 hours
Dimensions 4.2″x 3.2″x 1.7″
Weight 10.2 oz


This tactical laser illuminator is a class IIIb laser. NEVER look into the laser beam at any time, with the aided or naked eye. The laser should never be pointed into reflective surfaces or into the eyes of another individual. This laser system contains both visible & invisible radiation. Avoid direct exposure.

TMSLS laser rail system -Tactical Multi Sensor Laser System

TMSLS tan laser illuminator

The TMSLS tactical laser sight can be mounted on a rifle.

TMSLS laser sight illuminator