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NVWS 3000 Day & Night Vision Rifle Scope

The High Performance field convertible day & night NVWS3000 sight will always remain zeroed day or night with its interchangeable daytime and nighttime eyepiece modules.
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The eyepieces are easily changed by operating a one-touch bayonet system, like changing a lens in a modern camera. The scopes Precision ground 56mm objective lens is equipped with adjustable focus to obtain a sharp and clear image. The reticle illumination is controlled with a turret adjustment knob and can be turned off completely if you choose to use the solid black reticle. The zoom capabilities of the NVWS3000 is 2.5x to 10x magnification. 1/4 minute-of-angle turret adjustment knobs have convenient finger type click adjustments and can be operated in the dark and without tools. The night vision eyepiece is equipped with a very powerful built-in and removable non-laser infrared illuminator module, for use even in complete darkness up to 200 yards.

NVWS 3000 Day & Night Vision Rifle Scope Sighting Features

  • Day mode / Lit reticle

    Day mode / Lit reticle

  • Day mode / Black Reticle

    Day mode / Black Reticle

  • Night mode / Black reticle

    Night mode / Black reticle

  • Night mode / Lit Reticle

    Night mode / Lit Reticle

NVWS Day & Night Vision Rifle Scope Features

Day/Night Features

  • One-touch bayonet eyepiece changeover between day and night modes
  • Sharp reticle, solid black and illuminated with adjustable brightness in both, day and night modes
  • Waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof in both, day and night modes
  • Variable power: 2.5-10X (day), 1.5-6X (night)
  • Wide range focus adjustment
  • Precision finger type micro-click windage and elevation adjustment with T-pin & 10 ball bearings

Night Mode Features

  • Night vision eyepiece with a choice between 2nd and 3rd gen. U.S. military image intensifier tubes
  • Powerful built-in IR illuminator (removable) with glass collimating lens and adjustable focus for use even in complete darkness
  • If you are looking for a high end night vision weapon sight which can operate in day or night without loosing Zero or having to disassemble the sight from the platform, then the NVWS 3000 series tactical scope is your solution.

3000 Modular Night Sight Product Specifications

  • magnification: 2.5-10x
  • recommended daytime: 1.5x-6x
  • recommended night : 1.4x – 5x
  • objective lens aperture : 56 mm
  • body tube diameter : 30 mm
  • field of view at 100m : 13-4m
  • exit pupil (day) : 22.5 – 5.6
  • eye relief (day) : 100-85 mm
  • eye relief (night) : 40 mm
  • windage/elevation adj. per 1 click : 1/4 MOA
  • Optics: 11 element precision ground
  • image intensifier : US 18mm Gen 2 or 3
  • intensifier resolution : 32 to 64 (customer selectable)
  • Housing: Rugged, dust proof & water resistant
  • overall length (day/night) : 338mm DAY / 353mm Night
  • weight (day/night) : 850 Grams DAy / 950 Grams Night
  • built-in IR (night) : 100 m high intensity infrared
  • reticle brightness adj. (day) : 4 Pos
  • reticle brightness adj. (night) : 3 Pos.



  • Surveillance / Stakeout
  • Law Enforcement Sniper applications when one firearm can be utilized for day or night operations
  • Modular Day & Night precision weapon sighting without loosing zero.
  • Riot control / Recon
  • Suspect pursuit and capture
  • Perimeter control

Fire Safety

  • Wild fire recon
  • Night navigation
  • Victim location
  • Search and rescue


  • Navigation aid
  • Search and rescue
  • Vessel Identification


  • Perimeter control
  • Hands free operation for no light situations
  • Save generator fuel


  • Wildlife observation and control
  • Wilderness search and rescue
  • Poaching control
  • Hunting