RAZ-IR MAX-HD Handheld Thermal Imagers
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RAZ-IR MAX HD Handheld Thermal Imagers

This simple and intuitive RAZ-IR MAX series of infrared cameras now has an ultra high resolution model. Introducing the MAX-HD high definition infrared camera. The MAX-HD maintains the same legendary rugged construction but now adds a high resolution sensor for greater imaging clarity. The RAZ-IR MAX-HD combines a powerful feature set, razor sharp HIGH RESOLUTION thermal imaging and durable construction– all at a surprisingly affordable price.
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RAZ-IR MAX-HD handheld thermal imagers have a surprisingly affordable price for high resolution no compromise thermal camera systems. The MAX-HD is loaded with features you would expect to find on expensive infrared cameras. All the power of the MAX-HD is available to you at your fingertips with a simple to understand three button menu system that will have you imaging like a PRO in no time. Unleash your potential with advanced features like digital JPG image storage, real time high resolution thermal imaging, voice annotation, high resolution visual camera with on board light, image overlay fusion to combine thermal and visual images for professional analysis and multiple color palettes are just the start of whats at your fingertips. With the RAZ-IR MAX-HD your workflow is greatly simplified. The MAX-HD (like all RAZ-IR MAX INFRARED CAMERAS) gives you a choice of standard disposable AA batteries or rechargeable AA batteries. These are the AA batteries that are readily available anywhere in the world. If you want high definition thermal imaging at an affordable price the MAX-HD is the infrared camera for you.

The screen view of the RAZ-IR MAX HD Infrared Camera

Large 3.6″ TFT LCD screen with crystal clear technology ensures you get the most out of your high def thermal imaging.
The auto focus on the RAZ-IR MAX HD thermal camera VISUAL LIGHT CAMERA
High resolution 2.0 megapixel CMOS digital camera captures crisp visible light images to match your HD thermal image quality.
Batteries for the RAZ-IR MAX HD infrared camera STANDARD BATTERIES
Standard off the shelf AA batteries are always available anywhere in the world your thermography scans take you.
The SD card for the RAZ-IR MAX HD infrared camera DATA STORAGE
2GB removable SD card and internal image storage options for storing thermal JPEGs, CCTV images and voice notes.
The latest in high definition sensor technology supercharges your scans with 4 times the pixel resolution of other infrared cameras.
The connection ports on the RAZ-IR MAX HD infrared camera CONNECTIONS
Universal connections for AC power, NTSC/PAL video output, and USB for PC to camera data interfacing.

Large Full Color Screen

A large photo of the RAZ-IR MAX HD handheld thermal imagers

The RAZ-IR series of handheld thermal imagers have a LARGE LCD screen! Serious thermal imaging customers have been clamoring for a unit with a larger screen, the new RAZ-IR MAX-HD infrared cameras now feature extra-large 3.6″ TFT LCD displays. Most of the infrared inspections of industrial applications are in cramped facilities and often there are hard to reach places. Service personnel in the factory need to carry a variety of tools and safety equipment that facility maintenance jobs require so the thermal camera needs to lighten the load. The sharp TFT large LCD screen on the RAZ-IR MAX-HD makes it easy to operate one-handed, even in demanding industrial environments, and no more squinting! The RAZ-IR MAX-HD will shine brightly in any application you have.

Find problem areas QUICKLY and ACCURATELY.

The 3.6″ brilliant screen displays top-notch thermal images.


Advanced Product Features

An image of control buttons for the infrared camera Accurate radiometric temperature measurement up to 482 degrees lets you accurately quantify the temperature of any pixel in the scene you are viewing. Optional temperature ranges to 2732 degrees F! An icon for a JPEG image Standard consumer jpg image format on SD memory cards. No proprietary software needed to view and transfer thermal images to your PC.
An arrow Fusion Technology overlays the thermal image onto the corresponding 2 megapixel CMOS visible image for sensor fusion. Control the amount of blend to best highlight the target area. A globe
The world wide choice of thermography professionals. Now shipping to destinations around the world. Our export team can assist you with international shipments.

Optional Lenses

A close view of the RAZ-IR MAX HD infrared camera lens

The RAZ-IR MAX-HD High resolution infrared camera gives you a choice of germanium lenses! Telephoto thermal lenses Let you analyze distant objects power transmission poles, high tension wires, electrical sub station transformers and objects with a wide safety margin. Wide angle optics give you an edge in cramped quarters. Scan electrical panels from very close range with no panning back and forth. The Wide Angle Infrared Camera Lens is ideally suited for infrared energy audit applications so you can image a whole wall in one shot! MAX-HD means FREE CHOICE!

Innovative Forward Looking Vision

With an eye to the future and a passion for innovation, SPI Infrared brings you the freshest approach to thermal imaging. Building on the traditional capabilities of the RAZ-IR family of infrared cameras, the new MAX-HD leaps into the future with innovative features to help you realize a return on your technology investment with increased productivity.

Feature Details

A close up of RAZ-IR MAX HD infrared camera connection ports

The RAZ-IR MAX-HD connects to your equipment through universal standard USB, Video and Power ports. Vehicle 12VDC power? No problem. Batteries lose their charge in the middle of nowhere? No problem. Need AC wall power for extended analysis? No problem! The MAX-HD can utilize re-chargeable or disposable AA batteries, 12VDC external vehicle power and 110VAC wall power. Want a really big screen view? Need to present your thermal report to a customer or superior? Easy! Connect the RAZ-IR MAX-HD to common monitors and TV sets using the NTSC video output port. The NTSC video format is the standard format used by your television. MAX-HD can even output PAL Worldwide video standard. Time to connect to your computer? The RAZ-IR MAX-HD speaks to PC using the USB (Universal Serial Bus) connection on the every computer. Simply plug the MAX-HD into your PC and your ready to go. You can also download images by directly inserting the SD memory card into your PC. Want just the pictures in a hurry? Print the JPEG format images directly to a memory card enabled printer and print directly from the MAX-HD SD card. The RAZ-IR MAX-HD connects!

A closeup of the SD card for the RAZ-IR MAX HD infrared camera

The RAZ-IR MAX-HD was born out of the needs expressed by our customers. Easy to use image storage options have been addressed on many levels. External memory card image storage is mandatory on today’s infrared cameras. The RAZ-IR MAX-HD uses popular SD memory cards that are easily available at consumer electronics retailers everywhere. The MAX-HD includes a 4GB SD card, that can store thousands of images. By purchasing low cost additional cards you can have multiple cards for backup or even use a different card for each job. The RAZ-IR MAX-HD is all about options. The SD card is not the only method of image storage available to you. In the field, anything can happen. SD cards get lost. Or maybe you forget to pack it for the job. Occasionally, cards even become corrupt and unusable. Never fear, the MAX-HD is here. In addition to the SD card image storage, the MAX-HD also has internal UFLASH image storage that lets you save images (thermal and visual) internally without an SD card. With RAZ-IR MAX, you will always be able to finish the job.

Control buttons on the RAZ_R MAX HD infrared camera


You see these three buttons? That’s all it takes to unleash the power of the RAZ-IR MAX-HD thermal imager. Truly designed for the working professional, the MAX-HD never lets its controls get in the way of completing the job. Like any good tool, the MAX-HD feels good in your hand and lets you get the work done with minimum effort. All the advanced functionality of the MAX-HD is accessed by way of these buttons and the intuitive onscreen menus. There is even a users manual built right into the camera that you can access at any time with, you guessed it, the touch of a button. Electronic power focus is also controlled from the MAX-HD buttons so you truly have a device that you can operate with one hand.

The CMOS camera of the RAZ-IR MAX HD infrared system
CMOS Camera

Does it make sense to have an ultra exotic thermal infrared sensor sitting next to a low quality low resolution visual camera? Of course not. The thermal image is only have the job. A professional report includes both thermal and visual light images of problem areas. Many other thermal cameras approach the visual camera as an afterthought. Not the MAX-HD! This forward looking infrared system boasts an ultra clean 2 megapixel video sensor. The RAZ-IR MAX-HD even includes a user adjustable light source for capturing visual images in poorly lit facilities. The MAX-HD automatically saves brilliant visual light images alongside the thermal images for easy report generation. Buying a thermal camera with a low end visual camera is like doing half the job. Don’t settle for half a camera, get the RAZ-IR MAX-HD.

Batteries in the RAZ-IR MAX HD thermal imager

You wouldn’t think that batteries are a big deal, but the designers of the MAX-HD do. Traditionally, most thermal infrared camera systems come with proprietary batteries that are unique to a particular manufacturer and usually to just one model from that manufacturer. If you only have one place to buy the batteries and they aren’t being produced in mass quantities, then that means you are paying too much for batteries. Many thermal camera manufacturers charge over $200 for a rechargeable battery! The MAX-HD lets you decided. It is recommended to use off the shelf rechargeable AA batteries as the primary power source. This is the greenest way to go. But if you are stuck in a bind, thermal imaging power is only as far away was the local drugstore. The RAZ-IR MAX-HD can operate on disposable AA batteries. The MAX-HD never lets you down. Want some extra punch from disposables? Try the new Lithium Ion AA batteries. Want to charge your drained rechargeable batteries in the MAX-HD? No problem. Want to use an external charger? No problem. It’s easy when it’s MAX-HD!

The lens of the RAZ-IR MAX HD thermal camera

Protected Lens with Power Focus

As an industrial tool, ruggedness and longevity are key attributes. One of the most delicate parts of any thermal camera is the lens. Thermal infrared camera lenses are made from very exotic germanium crystals and not from glass. The lens technology is very expensive so the last thing you want to do is break a thermal camera lens. The high quality optics on the MAX-HD are rubber coated to afford the ultimate in protection in harsh environments. There is almost no way that the lens can be knocked and accidentally broken with the RAZ-IR MAX-HD. Will the lens is inset into the camera, our unique twist lock interface still allows for optional lenses to be affixed. Just to make certain that all is in focus the RAZ-IR MAX-HD is equipped with a unique POWER FOCUS feature. The focus is easily adjusted with buttons on the front of the RAZ-IR MAX-HD system. Protection and POWER are yours with the RAZ-IR MAX-HD thermal camera system.

The RAZ-IR MAX-HD Handheld Thermal Imagers Come With:

The RAZ-IR MAX-HD Thermal Camera Kit comes with all the items pictured here, which include:

  • RAZ-IR MAX-HD Professional Thermal Imager
  • Battery Charger and AC Cables
  • Soft Case and Hard Case
  • Leather Belt Case with Tripod Mount
  • Video Output cables
  • USB Computer Cables
  • 4 GB SD Memory Card and Card Reader
  • Advanced Analyzer Software
  • Lifetime Support, Full 2 Year Warranty
The complete RAZ-IR MAX HD handheld thermal imagers system

The complete RAZ-IR MAX HD handheld thermal imaging camera system

RAZ-IR MAX HD Handheld Thermal Imagers – Product Specifications

Detector Type: Microbolometer UFPA 384×288 pixels,25μm
Spectral range: 8~14μm
Filed of View/ Focus: 21.7°x16.4°/25mm,standard
Optional lens: 40.53°x30.96° / 13mm,13.04°x9.8°/42mm,7.85°x5.89°/70mm
Thermal Sensitivity: ≤0.08℃ at 30℃
Image Display: 256 level,8 palettes(Rainbow,Iron,B&W,ETC)

Built-in digital video: CMOS Sensor,1600×1200 pixels,224 true colors
External Display: 3.6″ TFT high resolution color LCD
Temperature Range: -20℃ to 250℃(350℃ , 1500 ℃ optional)
Accuracy: ±2℃ or ±2% of reading
Measurement Modes: Spot analysis, Infra Fusion

Image Storage
Type: 4GB SD card &built-in memory (8GB SD card optional)
File Format: Standard JPEG
Voice Annotation: 60 seconds
System Status Indication
LCD Display: Status of battery, indication of power

Laser Locator
Classification: Semiconductor A1GalnP Diode Laser

Power Supply
Type: 110/220V AC adaptor/ AA Alkaline battery
Operating Time: Over 3 hours continuous operation
Charging System: AC adapter or in external battery charger

Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃
Humidity: Operating and storing 10% to 95%, non-condensing
Encapsulation: IP54
Shock: Operational: 25g,IEC 68-2-29
Vibration: Operational: 2g,IEC 68-2-29
Drop Test: 2 meters

USB 2.0: Image and real-time video transfer to PC, Real-time control of the camera on PC

Physical Characteristics
Size: 112mmx182mmx252mm(with 25mm Lens)
Weight: 0.79kg

Software & Manuals

DOWNLOAD the RAZ-IR HD infrared camera software & manuals

software for the RAZIR handheld thermal imagers

A screenshot of the RAZ-IR MAX HD infrared camera software GUI

These handheld thermal imagers utilize radiometric temperature measurement, so in addition to seeing what is hot and cold, they also record the temperature of any particular point in a scene. Simply line up the crosshairs on the spot that you want to analyze, and the MAX-S does the rest– in real time. Take your measurements and move the crosshairs to your next area of interest. The RAZ-IR MAX-S allows emissivity, ambient temperature, object distance, and humidity adjustments for temperature calibration and even greater data accuracy.

Once a problem area is identified, the push of just one button saves the image. Later, download all saved images into the Analyzer software (included with every MAX-S camera) and explore a whole world of analysis options. Every pixel within every image is fully calibrated and contains radiometric temperature data. The Analyzer software has complex temperature measurement functions like multiple spot, bounding box, min/max/average, histogram, and delta T that provides content for comprehensive and professional looking thermographic reports.

Because the RAZ-IR MAX-S comes with a standard temperature range up to 482ºF, it is well suited for a variety of industrial settings. Need to measure higher temperatures? No problem, upgrade to the MAX-S high temperature calibration option to measure up to 662ºF. Now, that’s hot!