RTI Radiance Infrared Camera
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RTI Radiance Infrared Camera

Ultra rare and exotic the Raytheon Radiance HS is a high speed thermal infrared camera system. There are very few systems that can do what the Radiance infrared imager does.
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We have incredible pricing on the Radiance HS thermal infra-red imaging system, the ultimate in high speed, high resolution imagers. Radiance uses an exotic high speed snapshot indium antimonide focal plane array and an ultra reliable linear stirling cooler to do what other systems cannot.This technology enables stop action analysis of vents as short as 2 microseconds, that’s fast enough to stop a bullet in flight! Frame rates start at 140 fps at full resolution and go up to an amazing 1800 frames per second in 64 x 64 mode.

An image from the RTI Radiance Infrared Camera

An image from the RTI Radiance Infrared Camera

Radiance HSX is a high-performance infrared camera designed to make thermal imaging work better for you. It combines Raytheon’s high-speed snapshot indium antimonide focal plane array and miniaturized electronics with an ultra-reliable linear Stirling cooler, resulting in the smallest full-featured camera available.

Working with Radiance HSX is ImageDesk II, a Windows® NT software program designed to capture real-time digital data and perform sophisticated image analysis. A built-in report generator allows you to professionally document your results.

RTI Radiance Infrared Camera  Lenses

RTI Radiance Lenses

This is an exotic thermal infra-red imaging unit that is durable and versatile enough for your most demanding high end applications. Radiance HS will perform flawlessly in a number of custom configurations including, R&D, non destructive testing, predictive maintenance, process control, high speed infra-red imaging, laser research, energy audits, aerial recon, and a variety of human and veterinary medical applications. The unit is completely modular and can be designed according to your needs matching housings and optical components to your specifications.

The radiance HS is not for everyone. But if you have a need for the finest in super sharp high speed imaging, then there really is no other choice but to go with the best.


From Microns to Miles; we offer a wide selection of optics designed 
to bring your most demanding applications into focus. Select a microscope lens with better than 10 micron resolution or our triple field-of-view telescope featuring a narrow field of view of less than 1 degree.
RTI Radiance Infrared Camera Option 2

Lenses available:
 13mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm,
75/250mm, and 60/180/500mm.


An optional LN2 laboratory dewar configuration is available for applications that require interchangeable cold filters. The compact electronics module can be located up to 10 feet from the detector dewar package.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 5.1″H x 5.7″W x 6.8″L
Weight 9.6 lbs
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature -54°C to 65°C
Power Consumption <50 watts nominal
Input Power 18-32 VDC
Cooling Linear Stirling Cooler or LN2
Cool Down Time <10 minutes
Output Data Rate 10 Mpixels per second
Data Interface Parallel, Serial HOTlink
Detector 256 x 256 InSb
Detector Pitch 30 microns
Well Capacity 9 to 10^6 electrons
QE More than 85 percent
Spectral Response 3 to 5 microns
Uniformity, uncorrected <5 percent sigma/mean
Operability >99.5 percent
Sensitivity 0.025°C NEdT
Integration Time 2 µs to 14ms
Dynamic Range 12 bit
Control RS-232
FPA Frame Sync External TTL or internal clock
Calibration Source Internal flag