IR SPOTTER Mini Thermal Surveillance Camera
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IR SPOTTER Mini Thermal Surveillance Camera – ON SALE $2,895!

The SPOTTER is a handheld mini thermal surveillance camera

Ultra compact full featured thermal spotting scope the SPI SPOTTER mini thermal surveillance camera is easy to carry on any mission.

The SPOTTER from SPI Corp is the mini thermal surveillance camera you have been waiting for. This infrared spotting camera system utilizes the latest in ultra clean 60hz thermal sensor technology to give you the sharpest image possible. Most other solutions are 7.5hz to 30hz refresh rate. With SPOTTER you can see full real time imaging in grey scale or choose from an assortment of full color palettes to match your application. The SPOTTER also has internal thermal image and thermal video recording on common SD memory cards for easy documentation and download. You also get digital zoom, auto / semi-auto / manual image control, hot spot detection and common AA battery operation.

The SPOTTER comes in a complete kit ready for you to use right out of the box. Contact us today for special introductory pricing.

SPOTTER Mini Thermal Surveillance Camera Product Features:

Front of the SPOTTER Thermal Scope

The SPOTTER is a unique thermal spotting device ready for handheld operation in any conditions.

  • Reliable/Uncooled FPA Technology
  • Color and B&W thermal imaging
  • Auto tracking for targets
  • Monocular display
  • Thermal image recording
  • Thermal video recording
  • SD card storage
  • Takes standard AA batteries
  • USB transfer for thermal images & video
  • small size, light weight & easy operation

“Thermal imaging is the ultimate in night vision technology and the SPOTTER is the premier thermal spotting scope on the market today.”

Spotter Mini Thermal Surveillance Camera Technical Specifications

An image of the SPOTTER thermal imager's batteries

Standard AA batteries and SD Card image and video storage for the SPOTTER thermal scope.

Detector Type: Uncolled FPA Microbolometer
Spectral Range: 8~14μm
Lens: 25mm
Video Output: NTSC
Frame Rate: 60hz
Polarity: Black/white hot
LCD display: 320×240
Operation time: > 2 hours @25
Interfaces: analog video out, USB