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RAZ-IR Pro infrared camera price

The RAZ IR Pro Infrared Camera is made with a flip screen design. Open it, close it. Put it in your pocket. It’s that convenient to use!

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RAZ-IR Pro Infrared Camera Product Specifications

Thermal Detector
25μm Microbolometer UFPA, 160 x 120
Cooling Uncooled
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz Real Time
Spectral Range
8 – 14μm
Zoom 2X
Field of View
17.5° × 13°
Continuous Operation 2+ Hours
Digital Camera
CMOS, 640 × 480
Weight 265kg
Dimensions 120mm x 60mm x 30mm
96/250V AC via USB, Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Display 2.2″TFT LCD
Image Display
256 level, 8 palettes
Storage 8GD built in