1080p 720p HD Thermal imaging FLIR cameras

XF11 HD LWIR Thermal Imaging FLIR camera core engine

XF11 LWIR HD 2560×1600 Thermal FLIR imaging camera core engine for custom integration

RAZ-IR XP5000 radiometric infrared camera spinner image 18

RAZ-IR XP5000 radiometric infrared camera spinner image 18

the zx1000 is the XGA 1024×768 variant of the HD LWIR Thermal camera FLIR engine core family

The XF11 is the first commercially available High Definition (HD) format uncooled thermal imager camera core. The 12μm small pixel technology enables HD thermal imagery commercially, unlocking a new class of high resolution thermal systems. The XF11 Thermal FPA has incredible 2560×1600 pixel resolution thermal FLIR HD imagery available in real time 30hz and 60hz imaging frame rates. High Definition thermal Infrared Imaging FLIR camera Cores can be used to integrate into your products, our HD LWIR cameras offer higher resolution than the currently highest available commercial HD LWIR FLIR IR FPA of 1024×768. High Resolution Thermal camera core engines offer large format high pixel count detector sensors that are able to discern even the most minute of details and features. High resolution is key in R&D, commercial, industrial, aerial, UAV, DRONE, UAS, SAUS, Airborne, security, surveillance, military, law enforcement and defense applications. New Fused Weapon Sights (FWS), Digital Night Vision Goggles (DNVG) will eventually require ultra high resolution detectors and sensors to satisfy emerging advanced military and defense requirements.

By reducing the pixel size from 17μm to 12μm, the XF11 HD LWIR FLIR FPA camera core technology will enable imaging systems manufactures to reduce the size of their lenses by 50 percent and decrease optics costs by 20% without compromises in image quality.

HD thermal Flir imaging FPA LWIR camera

Designed for demanding applications. The XF11 enables high performance thermal FLIR imaging with a wide field of view traditionally only possible with 3 or more separate cameras. Digital zooming to areas of interest are now possible while maintaining high image quality.

1080p 720p HD Thermal imaging FLIR cameras

With its ability to capture video at 60Hz or 30Hz, the XF11 High Definition HD Thermal FLIR imaging camera engine Core can reveal details in dynamic scenes that competitor’s offerings miss. The added speed allows users to monitor complex environments and track fine movements without the smear or image jitter comes from using slower video.

1080p 720p HD Thermal imaging FLIR cameras

The Xf11 with its high resolution Thermal FLIR HD LWIR capabilities now allows users to implement this powerful HD FLIR camera into applications never imagined before, this unit can eliminate the traditional need for HD MWIR COOLED PFA sensors with their capability to image long range, the 12 micron, high resolution FX11 allow for digital zooming, windowing and binning and using traditional LWIR optics to achieve very long range day/night imaging. Fixed and continuous zoom lenses and optics are available.

military_thermal_scope_07Custom low cost affordable MWIR, Lwir PTZ long range thermal Flir cameras, CMOS monochrome and color low light level sensors, digital electronic image intensifier, weapon sights, goggles, binoculars, airborne drone cameras gimbals and sensors ISR camera cores detector enginesM2d Uav UAS Eoir gimbal HD High definitional LWIR Thermal FLIR camera core engine sensor detector in large formatSpi Uav drone aerial gimbal Flir CMOS llltv nit vision sensors HD FLIR FPA LWIR

xga FLIR thermal imaging camera core engine 1024x768

XGA FLIR thermal Image ar 1024 x 768 resolution


-12μm vanadium oxide pixels
-HD 2560×1600 resolution
-low cost plug and play HDMI output 720P HD XGA 1024×768 thermal imaging flir camera core engine
-High-speed 60 Hz full frame video


-Long Range performance
-Unparalleled Wide field-of-view
-Affordable performance

-Security and surveillance, Military imaging, Hand held, head mounted, UAV/UAS, land, air and sea, space, aerospace, aerial, airborne, drone, hands free, head mounted, goggle, multi sensor security/surveillance observation device, Ptz, long range lwir imaging, stabilized, weapons sight & scope mounted applications
-Automotive systems
-Handheld / head mounted / hands free-targeting
-Process /condition monitoring, thermography, pcb analysis, life sciences, bio imaging

-Remote Sensing, long range thermal imaging, HD EOIR tracking, UAV/UAS/UGV Unmanned Vehicle multicopter/quadcopter applications
-Image Blending, Sensor Fusion, Digital night vision, Enhanced night vision, Fused Weapon Sights, Thermal Weapon Sights, Match to HD OLED microdisplays
-Construction inspection

–also available in lwir long wave infrared 1024 x 768 xga hd resolution and 1920 x 1200 wuxga hd resolution thermal core engine

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