How Do I Connect RAZ-IR Infrared Cameras to a PC?

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A: All of our Raz-Ir line of Infrared cameras connect to Windows compatible computers through a proprietary USB cable. There are a few steps in order to connect a Raz-Ir Infrared camera to a PC. 1. Download the Correct drivers for your operating system (windows Version). 2. You will need RAZ-IR Analyzer software for infrared cameras. This should have come with your RAZ-IR. You can also download the software for infrared cameras. 3. Install the software on your PC. 4. Connect the USB cable to your PC and then to your RAZ-IR Infared Cameras. 5. Turn on your RAZ-IR infrared camera. 6. Your Windows PC should recognize the device and begin the driver install. 7. Make sure to tell windows where the driver you downloaded is located. 8. When the driver install is completed you should see the screen on the RAZ-IR infrared cameras go black and display the words “USB MODE” For more information on the RAZ-IR Infrared Cameras see our website. We have some infrared cameras support videos for the RAZ-IR cameras. If you have any problems, installing or using the software, feel free to give us a call here at SPI CORP. One of our technicians would be glad to help you.

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