cooled thermal camera 2550mm lens

Longest Range 2550mm Cooled Thermal Camera Announced

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Just Announced 2550mm Cooled Thermal Camera Lens

cooled thermal camera lenses 2550mmSPI Corp announces the Longest Range Cooled Thermal Camera with a whopping 2550mm efl lens. The biggest hurdle in todays long range imaging is the ability to get a big enough lens to really break through the 25km human identification barrier.  Even, highly sensitive cooled sensors require relatively fast lenses at f/4 or f/5 and uncooled thermal cameras need ridiculously fast optics on the order of f/1. SPI Corp is proud to announce a new breakthrough in cooled thermal camera system integration that will shatter the 25km barrier and should produce human detection at unheard of 30-40km ranges or more. By leveraging 20 years of experience and industry breakthroughs, SPI Corp has leap frogged the competition to be the first manufacturer to offer thermal optics with an efl of 2550mm.  But, that is just the beginning of the story.

2550mm Cooled thermal camera lens for human detection at 40km +SPI M10 Cooled Thermal Camera

cooled thermal camera 2550mm lensOur breakthrough technology uses the latest in space derived sensor technology and new lens designs to bring customers not only longer range but lower price and increased reliability.  We have pivoted from older technologies like reticulated InSb, Lattice Mesh Indium Antimonide and traditional HgCDTe sensors in favor of the future. The new sensor (in fab today) gives us all the sensitivity of the reticulated InSb but at a fraction of the power consumption and with more than double the expected lifespan. By reducing thermal load on the sensor support electro mechanical systems we can do more with far less. By coupling the new sensor technology with our exclusive lens package we can achieve an effective 2550mm focal length in a ground based cooled thermal camera system. This is almost double any competing system in the world. We are very excited about this new technology and the promise it has to make the world a safer place.  We imagine M10 Ultra Long Range Thermal 2550 systems watching over every sea port, border and critical facility in the world.  Low cost long range thermal imaging is now a reality. Advanced orders are being taken now for priority delivery. Contact SPI CORP for more information on this groundbreaking technology package.