LWTS thermal scope with eyecup

L3 LWTS Thermal Scope & Video Out Cables On Sale Now!

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The L3 LWTS Thermal Scope is Made for the Military Operator

LWTS thermal scope kit

The LWTS thermal scope comes in a field softcase with rear straps for attaching to your gear and a soft rubber eyecup for comfort.

The LWTS from L3/Warrior Systems is a thermal scope made truly with our warfighters in mind.  Based on the AN/PAS-13G(v)1 tactical scope made specifically for the US military, the LWTS thermal scope gets the job done in any situation or any time of day. Whether you are using it handheld, as a dedicated thermal scope or clipped on in front of your ACOG optics for the ultimate in zoom (up to 15x zoom with certain daytime optics), you are going to get the maximum benefits of this thermal imaging system and maintain the best possible situational awareness in combat operations.

The LWTS thermal scope is just the right size and has an ultra rugged, sealed housing built to military specifications. That, coupled with the high resolution performance of a 640×480 microbolometer makes it the ultimate thermal scope for any tactical situation.  The scope is easily field maintainable (comes with a rubber retractable lens cap that stays affixed to the scope) and comes with a rubber eye-cup for visual & facial comfort. It has an easy to navigate on screen menu, user selectable reticles & weapon style options to customize its performance on your rifle.  The LWTS also takes standard AA batteries, giving you enough power for 10 hours of operation.

LWTS Thermal Scope Video Out Cable

The video out connector gives you the ability to stream real time thermal video to be viewed remotely.  Until now, these cables have been excruciatingly hard to find.  But SPI Corp manufactures them, so it’s all good!

Contact us today for details! Don’t miss out on this huge deal!  Call us at (702) 369-3966 in the Las Vegas area or toll fee at (800) 403-2983, or email us at sales@x20.org.


LWTS thermal scope with video out

The LWTS thermal scope video out cable is sold separately. Call Jim Santana at (702) 369-3966 and get yours today!

L3 LWTS Thermal Scope Specs

Dimensions 6.7” L x 3.6” W x 3.9” H
Weight 1.85 lbs.
Battery Type / Life (4) AA Lithium / 10 hours @ 25°C (77°F)
FOV 14.8° Horizontal
Magnification 1X with 2X digital zoom
Range 3m to infinity
Frame Rate 30 hz
Recognition after Detection >1400m clear air

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