M1-D Wireless PTZ Thermal Drone Camera for Surveillance

M1-D Wireless PTZ Thermal Drone Camera for Surveillance

Drop deployable thermal imaging Ptz tactical systems

Drop deployable PTZ thermal imaging FLIR camera

Now wireless thermal M1-D PTZ systems are available for fixed mount, vehicle mount and drop deployable missions. Low cost wireless thermal is now a reality.

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Long range thermal cameras

M1-D wireless ptz thermal drone camera in a combat zone

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The M1-D wireless PTZ surveillance camera has been widely accepted as the new standard in thermal PTZ imaging platforms due to its light weight, small size and low cost. With the M1-D you always get more performance for less and that philosophy has continued with the introduction of the new M1-D wireless network configurations.

The M1-D Wireless setup lets you connect to 1 or 100+ M1-D wireless cameras. You can remotely view thermal and visual video. You also have complete control over the pan tilt camera and all its functions. The M1-D wireless is an IP addressable solution that can be integrated into your existing IP video network or operated as a stand alone system. It is an outdoor weatherized and rugged solution.

Flexibility is the hallmark of SPI thermal systems and the M1-D is no exception. We have a wide range of standard options including battery power, AC power, solar and more. The systems can be controlled via any PC or Laptop computer. We can also custom design a system to meet your needs.

Don’t stick your neck out for surveillance missions. Let the M1-D Wireless PTZ Thermal Drone Cameras take the hit while you are safe behind cover.

Drop Deployable Thermal Wireless PTZ Thermal Drone Camera Solutions

Easy to setup and deploy the M1-D wireless PTZ surveillance camera system can get you out of trouble and give you the edge in ambush situations. Always be aware of your surroundings. Situational awareness is critical and seeing the enemy before they see you will save your life.

  • A soldier setting up a wireless PTZ thermal drone camera

    The Wireless PTZ M1-D Goes where you go and places you can’t!

    Long range thermal camera

  • Wireless Infrared Camera Solution

    Two Wireless M1-D Infrared Camera setups