An Army operator showing his thermal scopes mounted on a rifle for combat

Thermal Scopes from SPI

Whether you are looking for a thermal scope for hunting, spotting or non-game use, SPI Corp has some of the finest thermal imaging systems available, and for a lot lower than you may think. SPI has been an industry leader in custom thermal imaging systems for over a decade and we proudly support modern warfighters out there today with military spec thermal scopes that are battle tested and ready for combat.

Our thermal scopes out perform standard night vision and similar gear because they need absolutely no light to operate. Using advanced microbolometer sensors that detect heat energy, these thermal imaging systems can pinpoint human and varmint targets even behind underbrush and various types of concealment & low contrast situations, all while leaving you safely under the cover of darkness.

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Thermal Scopes from SPI Corp will never leave you in the dark!


Our Lowest Priced Thermal Scope

SPI Corp T14X Thermal Scope

This our lowest priced best selling thermal scope!  The T14x offers thermal image & video recording in both color & black & white, which can be saved directly to your PC via USB. This thermal scope is small & lightweight, and very easy to use.  Features target auto tracking and auto/semi-auto brightness and contrast.

The kit comes complete with a standard ARMS#17 MKII Throw Lever Picatinny rail mount that fits most M4 and AR style rifles.

T14X Thermal Scope System Specs

Dimensions 7.2” L x 4.7” W x 2.7” H
Weight 2.2 lbs.
Battery Type / Life (4) NiMH / 2 hours @ 25°C (77°F)
FOV 9.15°x6.87°
Magnification 2X digital zoom
Range 5m to infinity
Frame Rate 60 hz
Display 320×240

The thermal scope warfighters use

L3 Warrior Systems LWTS Thermal Scope

This is the thermal scope operators trust to get the job done. Featuring clip on or standalone capability, a 640 x 480 microbolometer for real time thermal imaging & four internal reticles. The LWTS is totally field maintainable and monster rugged to withstand heavy combat operations, and works with ACOG & CCO.

Operates superbly in adverse conditions; rain, fog, light snow & total darkness, and offers extended run time on a single battery load.

L3 LWTS Thermal Scope System Specs

  Dimensions 6.7” L x 3.6” W x 3.9” H
  Weight 1.85 lbs.
  Battery Type / Life (4) AA Lithium / 10 hours @ 25°C (77°F)
  FOV 14.8° Horizontal
  Magnification 1X with 2X digital zoom
  Range 3m to infinity
  Frame Rate 30 hz
  Recognition after Detection >1400m clear air

Clip on Thermal Scope

X25 Clip On Thermal Scope

The X25 is one of those thermal scopes that can be used in a wide array of applications. And since its a clip on thermal scope, no re-zeroing or re-training is ever required.  Use it alone or in conjunction with your favorite day scope for hog hunting, law enforcement or military operations, for day or night, 24/7 field conditions.

X25 Clip On Thermal Scope System Specs

Dimensions 3.1″ H x 2.6″ W x 8″ D
Weight 1.4 lbs.
Battery Type
(2) CR 123A 3V
FOV 11°
Magnification 1X, 2X digital zoom
Range 5m to infinity
Frame Rate  60 hz
Display OLED 640 x 480

Military Spec Clip on Thermal Scope

X27 Clip On Military Thermal Scope

The x27 thermal scope comes with internal electronic reticles & windage adjustments, so you’ll never have to look away to tweak your sights. Because its a clip on, you’ll never need to re-zero it between day and night use. The x27 is built with a rugged, waterproof housing that adapts to any mission profile.  It even takes standard CR-123 batteries, so no hunting for special accessories.

X27 Clip On Military Thermal Scope System Specs

Dimensions 6.9” L x 2.7” W x 3.3” H
Weight 1.5 lbs. (batteries in)
Battery Type / Life (4) CR 123 batteries / 8 hours
FOV 12°
Magnification 1X with 2X digital zoom
Waterproof  Up to 66 ft, saltwater submersion
Recognition Time  Under 5 seconds
Recognition Range 700m for moving man sized target

Want more?

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