Dracorex EO+IR Thermal Fusion rifle Scope Sight

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Dracorex EO+IR Sensor Blended thermal imaging/Electro optical weapon sight

sensor fusion scope

The Dracorex is a technological breakthrough in the world of advanced imaging and night vision, the System is a calibrated, fully boresightable scope system that incorporates the

latest in thermal infrared FLIR imaging technology as well as high resolution and sensitivity EO Imager. The Dracorex performs pixel on pixel digital image sensor fusion whichimage sensor fusion weapon sight

Blended and stitched both of these key sensors and presents the user with one useable detailed image.

The Dracorex can be used as a hand held sensor fused EOIR observation device or as a weapons mounted digital Fusion scope.

Fusion thermal night vision scope

The user has many features on the Dracorex such as threshold limit of sensor enhancement, sensor gain and level with 1/10 incremental sens-Up  panoramic image fusion.

sensor IR fused scope sight

The Innovative Dracorex sighting system is a next generation dual sensor compact light weight CQC/CQB Fusion Thermal Weapon Sight that is built on the state of the art

LWIR thermal FLIR imaging technology providing outstanding sensitivity and excellent image quality.

sensor fusion of low light camera and thermal ir flir camera

low light camera EO fusion image with thermal FLIR

It features an built in wireless video interface enabling real time video output to head mounted or hand held display for behind the wall corner sight capability ensuring the users safety and cover.

fusion thermal enhanced night vision IR scope

The Dracorex has an intelligent FPGA fusion computer that digitally fuses the video feeds from the thermal imager and the EO imager in real time providing the

user with the ability to select Day camera view, thermal view or fused view.

fusion thermal weapon sight

TruSens digital EOIR Image fusion provides fully aligned,

effective and dependable target acquisition as well as security, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities

sensor fusion thermal weapon sight

Digital TruSens Fusion eliminates poor contrast, ghosting, image alignment and fusion picture subsetting and assures the user on point fully calibrated eoir imagery


The external I/O port in the Dracorex system is compatible for real time streaming of thermal, EO imager or fused video over standard Video or

secure broadband COFDM signaling to extend distances, This enables commanders to receive real-time feed from the user operating in the field as seen by the sight.

Fusion thermal Flir scope sight

Dracorex places military, Homeland security, and law enforcement professionals at the forefront of technology, enabling target discrimination and recognition regardless of weather conditions and with no necessity for light.

Description Specification
IR Imager
Sensor Resolution 640×512
Pixel Pitch 17um
EO Imager
Type Low Light Color
Type Monocular
Resolution HD
Video Output Day / IR / Fused
Weight 750g
Shock & Vibration MIL-STD-810F
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 60

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