Long Range Thermal Imaging FLIR PTZ Cameras

Arrow Multi Sensor Long Range Multi role PTZ Thermal Imaging FLIR binocularcamera system

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thermal binoculars

long range ptz mobile vehicle thermal imaging FLIR camera

Long range border patrol security thermal imaging flir PTZ cameras for MVSS Mobile Surveillance

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Veyron Multi Sensor Thermal Imaging/Ranging System

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Veyron hand held Multi Sensor advanced GeoRanging Thermal Infrared Imaging System The Veyron is the worlds most compact image stabilized multi sensor imaging system that solves a multitude of surveillance challenges. …

Uav Uas Suas drone detection tracking alarming radar alert anti drone defense countermeasure systems

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UAV, UAS, SUAS, DRONE Detection It is inconceivable to think what type of threats lie ahead with the proliferation of small unmanned aerial vehicles aka drones, these small  autonomous / remote …

Tactical Eagle thermal imaging monocular FLIR scope

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Tactical Eagle Thermal Imaging Monocular FLIR Scope/Sight Tactical Eagle thermal imaging monocular FLIR scope is the latest and the worlds most technologically advanced Thermal Imaging monocular/Scope to enter the sporting, law …

drone uav CSuas detection classification countermeasure and defeat eo-ir systems

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 POLARIS I AIRBORNE UAV DETECTION AND DEFEAT SYSTEM Powerful Optic Based UAV Detection 24/7/365 detection/classification and defeat capabilities Passive System Detection, Classification and Tracking Over 1Km Detection Range Powerful Video …

multi-spectral optical BroadBand Chalcogenide optics and lenses for common aperature EOIR Visible NIR SWIR MWIR LWIR

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Vanguard X Broadband wavelength Chalcogenide lenses and optics for multi spectral multi sensor imaging eoir systems If your next project calls for an optic which transmits light broadband from multiple parts …


Pan tilt Flir

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Pan Tilt FLIR Our pan tilt FLIR camera systems are installed in facilities around the world that require rugged explosion proof rugged bulletproof ptz pt Flir security solutions …The heart …